The road to recovery following burn injuries is long. The pain is extraordinary and the recovery difficult. The victim can be left with extensive and permanent scarring. Whereas the physical wounds heal, the emotional wounds may cause life-long suffering.     

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     Burn injuries are categorized by the amount of tissue damaged as well as how deep the burn penetrates:

  • First Degree Burns: These burns impact the outermost portion of the skin, or epidermis. First degree burns typically come with mild to moderate pain, redness, and swelling. The most common first degree burn is over-exposure to sunlight.
  • Second Degree Burns: Burns which penetrate into the dermis and present with blisters are usually classified as second degree burns. These burns are incredibly painful and will often require the victim to undergo skin grafts to recover. In many cases these burns are so serious that the victim will also experience infection that will need to be treated right away. Common causes of second degree burns are boiling liquids, fires, heating elements, ultra-hot gases, and chemical exposure. If left untreated, these burns can worsen and become third degree burns.
  • Third Degree Burns: The most catastrophic burn a person can experience is a third degree burn. This type of injury penetrates the full thickness of the skin and damages underlying connective tissue/bones. Third degree burns can be misleading since they are typically not as painful as a second degree burn - a direct effect of the burn injury destroying local nerves. Burns of this nature nearly always require reconstructive surgery in order to help the victim heal. In some cases, a burn is so severe that a victim may have to have a damaged limb amputated.

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