Electrical Injury

   The cause of electrical injuries can be complex and involve different negligent parties. Liability could rest with a manufacturer or retailer if there is a design defect in an appliance that uses electricity. A power company, or its contractor, may have failed to properly repair or replace a power distribution line. An electrical contractor may have failed to perform proper lock out procedures and the next person to encounter the installation may experience electrocution.     

     Electrical injuries can cause harm in a number of ways, including:

  • Heart Attack: from disrupting the heart's electrical impulses.
  • Muscle, Nerve, and Tissue Destruction: caused by electrical current entering, existing in, and passing through the body.
  • Thermal Burns: from contact with the electrical source.
  • Secondary Injuries: resulting from falls or violent muscle contractions associated with the exposure to electrical current.

     Whether the accident occurs at home, work, or other premises, electrical injuries cause serious consequences, including disabling injuries and death.     

     It takes an experienced injury attorney to analyze the causes of electrical injuries and determine responsibility and liability. The Law Office of Todd Rash has the experience and knowledge you can trust.     

If you or a member of your family suffered serious harm from an electrical injury or electrocution accident caused by another's negligence, please contact The Law Office of Todd Rash.

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