Neck Injury

    If you received a whiplash injury in a Texas car accident, the first instinct is to minimize the injury and wait it out. There are various factors that affect the severity of flexion-extension and soft tissue injuries, including your body's ability to withstand and resolve this type of trauma. Whiplash and soft tissue injuries can lead to chronic pain, decreased muscle mobility and other ailments requiring expensive medical attention. Compensation should include the medical costs for every treatment available, and the pain and suffering until the injuries are resolved.

    Insurance companies do not like paying for whiplash and soft tissue injuries because the symptoms cannot be measured. The unfortunate outcome of this attitude is that individuals with significant flexion-extension injuries and soft tissue injuries are held back from receiving the best treatment when the pain and suffering is real. You should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to protect your interests.

    The Law Office of Todd Rash works with medical professionals and other experts who will evaluate the full extent of your injury and damages, and provide credible testimony to support your case.

    If you or a loved one is injured in a motor vehicle accident that is caused by negligence, call The Law Office of Todd Rash for a free consultation.

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