Scars and Disfigurements

     If you or a loved one is left with facial scarring and disfigurement from deep cuts, crushed bones, or burns as the result of an explosion or fire, The Law Office of Todd Rash is here to assist.     

     The Law Office of Todd Rash, represents individuals who have been permanently disfigured in negligent accidents.     

     The Law Office of Todd Rash works with medical professionals and others to assess the full extent of lifetime needs, and consults with lifecare planners for clients with residual scarring and disfigurement. The costs of psychological counseling and the costs of education and retraining for individuals unable to return to their regular jobs are included with the lifecare plan. In addition to the emotional damage and psychological injury, scarring and disfigurement may require numerous corrective medical procedures in the future such as:

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Skin graft operations
  • Surgical removal of scar tissue build-up

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