Sexual Assault

     Victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse can suffer a lifetime of emotional and physical pain. In some instances, the criminal justice system lets these victims down by failing to convict the offenders. A personal injury attorney can press a liability claim against the person responsible and if the claim is not adequately settled, sue the wrongdoer for damages. Parents and the child will need extensive treatment and therapy, including medication in some instances. Adult victims require the same course of treatment to recover from the psychological harm.     

     In many instances, the sex offender is employed by a company, religious institution, or community organization and there is an insufficient background check done prior to employment. Other times, employers ignore warning signs and continue to retain the dangerous employee. In other instances a lack of adequate supervision creates an environment that allows for sexual assaults and/or abuse. In these situations, the employer becomes liable for the devastating damages inflicted by the employee offender. The following are examples in which employers become responsible for the actions of a sexual predator.

  • Patients abused by doctors, nurses, hospital or medical staff
  • Child abuse by priests, ministers, or other religious institution personnel
  • Boys and girls abused by leaders in community organizations
  • Abused dependent adults in mental health facilities and nursing homes
  • Abuse of children by teachers, school employees, or administrators in public and private schools.
  • Sexual assault when security is lacking at locations such as hotels, motels, hospitals, and apartment complexes.

    The Law Office of Todd Rash, recognizes the complexity and sensitivity of sexual assault cases. The investigation and preservation of evidence is most important and the attorney must step between the victim and the predator.     

     If you or a loved one is injured by a sexual assault and/or sexual abuse, please contact The Law Office of Todd Rash for an initial consultation.

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